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3/8 oz. Divine Hybrid Jigs

 The 6th Sense Divine Hybrid Jig was designed to be a universal casting jig with a head shape that is a hybrid cross between a structure jig, grass jig, and football jig that provides the ability to use it in multiple locations throughout the day. The Divine Hybrid Jig functions as a multi-tasking bait for casting to shallow structure, docks, rocks, brush, and grass or for dragging out deep like a football jig.

6th Sense hybrid jigs are offered with either a standard or finesse skirt style and include a premium weed guard and 5/0 black nickel hook. No other company offers near the size and color selection you'll find at 6th Sense.



In comparison with the standard hybrid jig, finesse style jigs have a smaller profile and are designed to be worked slower in order to entice fish when the bite is tough.                       


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3/8 oz. - Divine Hybrid Jig - Black 'N' Blue
3/8 oz. - Divine Hybrid Jig - Black 'N' Blue
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