Build Back Brady

Brady Winans is a long term Native Texan who has
fished competitively for almost 35 years.  Brady has fished trails such as
Media Bass, Ignition Bass, Victory Bass, Texas Team Trail, Team Trail Outdoors
and even larger trails such as the Bassmaster Opens and MLF Toyota Fishing


On top of being an angler, Brady is an 18 year veteran
of the fishing industry.  He has worked for the Rep Agency, Sunbelt Sales,
for his entire fishing industry career.  What makes Brady close to the 6th
Sense brand is that he has been a rep for 6th Sense since the very early days
of the company back when we only had about 8 hard baits and
some terminal tackle.  Brady has been a part of our ride to where we are
today, and he lives and breathes 6th Sense Fishing.


On December 12, 2021, Brady and one of his closest
friends went fishing on Cedar Creek Reservoir in Texas.  They started
early and were traveling to where they wanted to start off their morning
fishing, the Dam.  As they took off and travelled to the dam, the lake was
clear of any weather or fog.  As they got within a few miles of the dam,
they encountered a couple fog banks that had come over the top of the dam and
drifted into the lake.  Brady’s partner did as he should and reduced
speed.  As they approached the dam, the dam came upon them faster than
anticipated and they struck the dam.  


Upon impact, Brady was thrown forward into the
trolling motor and graphs on the boat and then was thrust into the air until he
landed on the top of the dam.  Brady suffered a broken spine, a shattered
left ankle, a compound fracture of his right femur, a broken clavicle and two
broken ribs.  Upon arrival of emergency services, the decision was made to
CareFlight Brady to UT Health Trauma in Tyler, Tx.  Upon arrival at the
hospital, he was sedated and within the next week, he had three surgeries to
repair his injuries.  He spent a week in ICU and continues to remain in
the hospital to this day.  Brady has retained some feeling in his lower
extremities and as his injuries and swelling reside, he should continue to
improve.  He has several more surgeries ahead of him as well as a long
rehab battle.


Brady is married and has two young boys.  Ages 4
and 7.  His world revolves around his family.  They are his
inspiration to making a full recovery and he is prepared to go the distance to
make sure he returns home as complete as he can be, no matter how long it
takes.  At 6th Sense Fishing, we are committed to helping our
own and those who helped us, and we are excited to release these special shirts
& decals, and all proceeds from the sales of these items will go to Brady’s
family to help with the financial burden they face during his recovery period.  Your
support of these items will truly make an impact and help more than you
know.  #buildbackBrady

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