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Movement L7 Squarebill Crankbait

 The 6th Sense Movement L7 Squarebill swims left to right with an 'S' type hunting action on the retrieve. Most crankbaits tend to swim in a straight line, this one makes slight turns upon the retrieval to entice more strikes. The L7 was designed for crashing thick shallow cover, ripping out of grass, cranking rocks, or just burning/hunting in open water. It dives up to 6 feet in water depth and fitted with premium components and paint jobs.


'S' Swimming Random Movement - This crankbait will randomly 'hunt' left to right during the retrieve.
Engineered Buoyancy - Designed to not just crash and deflect cover but to back out quickly, reducing hang-ups
Faint Rattle System - Not too loud but silent either


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Movement L7 - Custom Bluegill
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Best Seller
Movement L7 - Custom Bluegill
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