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The Dirty Stache Bag

Josh Pig Patrol (from YouTube channel PigPatrolTV) and 6th Sense are offering you a kickass bait bag filled with five (5) fishing lures from 6th Sense, each carefully picked by Josh to cover a variety of waters but more so to CATCH FISH! 

Total Value = $37.95

Your Cost = $33.99

If you have not yet tuned in to PigPatrolTV, Josh will take you across the midwest chasing a variety of fish species that include bass, catfish, panfish, northern pike, and more. From tips to tricks to unboxing to reviews, Josh Pig Patrol covers it ALL!

YouTube: PigPatrolTV

Instagram: @JoshPigPatrol

Facebook: @JoshPigPatrol

Twitter: @Pig_Patrol



NOTE: This is not a subscription bag - you will receive the same bag with each purchase. 
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Dirty Stache Bag - Prespawn 2020
Dirty Stache Bag - Prespawn 2020
Regular Price $37.95 $33.99
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