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6th Sense and Milliken Fishing have once again joined forces to bring you a unique bait sack stocked with six (6) fishing products from 6th Sense, each strategically picked by Ben Milliken to lock in SLAUNCHES during the cooler fall months. 



Inside the Slaunch Sack you'll find a jerkbait, two crankbaits, two jigs, and some hooks. Together these six products form Ben's secret arsenal for catching giants during this time of year...and best of all - FREE SHIPPING!



If you've never tuned in to Milliken Fishing on YouTube, that needs to change. He has one of the biggest and fastest growing fishing channels in the nation and continuously feeds his viewers with a wealth of knowledge on not only catching fish but also making tackle, traveling, beer drinking, and going out and just having fun.

**Check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.**


NOTE: This is not a subscription box - you will receive the same sack with each purchase.
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