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6th Sense & Milliken Fishing have once again joined forces to deliver this killer seven (7) product sack, stocked with baits from 6th Sense Fishing for targeting those transitioning prespawn fish.

Inside this Slaunch Sack you'll find a lipless crankbait, two shallow (specialty) cranks, a medium diving crank, a 3/8oz. Hybrid Jig, and a pack of 3.8 Series Swimbaits. This seven product combination form Ben's unbeatable secret arsenal for landing giants this time of year!!

Total Value = $55.93

Your Cost = $49.99

You should've tuned into Milliken Fishing on YouTube by now, but if you're late to the game and you haven't yet, it's highly recommended that's changed asap! He has one of the biggest AND fastest growing fishing channels in the nation, continuously delivering a wealth of knowledge to his viewers on not only catching fish but also making tackle, traveling, and simply going out and just having fun.

**Check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel HERE.**

NOTE: This is not a subscription box - you will receive the same sack with each purchase.
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Slaunch Sack - Spring 2020
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New Arrival
Slaunch Sack - Spring 2020
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