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1/2 oz. - Divine Hybrid Jig - PB & Smoke Jelly

1/2 oz. - Divine Hybrid Jig - PB & Smoke Jelly

Regular Price $4.99

The Divine™ Hybrid Jig was designed to be a universal casting jig to always have tied on to the deck of the boat. Perfection was of the utmost importance in its creation and now we are able to bring it to market with key features that we feel are important to every aspect of jig fishing.  The head shape is a cross between a structure jig, grass jig, and football jig giving you the ability to use it in multiple locations throughout the day.

The Divine Hyrbid Jig was created to be a multi-tasking jig for shallow structure, docks, rocks, brush, grass or dragged out deep like a football jig.
Much time and love goes into the making of every Divine Jig, so try just one to see the difference in quality, action, features, and attention to detail.

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