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7" - Core X Paddletail - Ringo Shad

7" - Core X Paddletail - Ringo Shad

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The 6th Sense Core-X™ Hollow Swimbaits were originally hand designed from a simple clay mold. After enduring rigorous field testing, they have entered full scale production with custom, lifelike color schemes and 3-D eyes. These paddletail swimbaits have a true hollow core and unique wall thickness that replicate the shimmering action of bait fish. Available in 4-inch, 5-inch, and 7-inch sizes (depending on color), the Core-X Swimbaits are perfect for open water rigging, weedless keel-weighted hooks, umbrella rigs, and more.

4-inch and 5-inch: 4 per pack

7-inch: 3 per pack