Crube Bundle - Clear Water

$39.99 $42.41

Not sure on how to fish this new product? No worries, we have pre-made a handful of Crube Bundles to help you catch fish with this bait. This is the clearwater version, so if you mainly fish in clearer water, these colors will help you land more fish.

Products included:

1pk - Crube (Goby)

1pk - Crube (Gravel Craw)

1pk - Crube (Milliken's Smoke)

1pk - Stout Widegap Hook (3/0)

1pk - OX Flipping Hook (3/0)

1pk - Divine Shakey Head - Green Pumpkin (1/4oz 3/0)

1pk - Lead Worm Weights (1/4oz)

1pk - Peg-X Weight Stoppers (Clear)

1 - BaitZip Bag (11x9 Red)