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Mega Sack - Winter Edition 2019

Mega Sack - Winter Edition 2019

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The Mega Sack compiles the winter essentials you or the fisherman in your life needs, all in one package. These eight (8) products are specifically chosen for the time in the year when the water temperature has dropped and the fish head towards their winter haunts. From shallow to deep, the cold water bass don’t stand a chance.

Included in the Mega Sack:

  • Premium Hat - Select Top Seller
    • A pro-select, hand picked hat that will deliver the 6th Sense quality, style, & design you can count on.  
  • Divine Shakey Worm 6.3 - Melon Dawn
    • A must have soft plastic, designed to target & entice the more lethargic & finicky fish on those tough days.
  • Crush Flat 75X - Supermodel Shad
    • A very effective square bill for crashing thick shallow cover, ripping out of grass, bouncing off rocks, or just burning in open water for larger finicky fish.
  • Quake 70 - Crawfish Crave
    • A customer favorite known for being a very effective bait in the colder months as fish key in on baitfish around flats, points or in scattered grass.
  • Provoke 106X - American Shad
    • An excellent cold water search bait, especially when fish are suspended in creek channels or on structure.
  • Crush 50X - Ghost Bone Minnow
    • Our staple square bill crankbait designed to crash, deflect, & back out quickly in thick shallow cover, ripping out of grass, cranking rocks, or just burning in open water.
  • Curve 55 - Craw Bomb
    • One of our most popular baits that excels in colder water due to its unique & abstract, side-to-side motion that triggers more strikes from those finicky fish.
  • Crush 100S - Black Magic
    • This larger version of the Crush 50 (Silent) is a must have in your cranking arsenal for increased strikes in colder water where a subtle approach is needed to avoid spooking those high pressured, finicky fish.

    **The perfect gift item, making it super easy to surprise the fisherman in your life with top quality fishing tackle that's tailored for the winter season!**


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