Salt Sack 2021

$34.99 $49.94

The 6th Sense Salt Sack 2021 edition is our latest Bundle Deal, compiled of an unbeatable selection of Top Sellers in our Saltwater Series line along with a coastal favorite soft plastic swimbait rig. These six (6) products were hand-picked specifically for those inshore saltwater anglers who want the best products, all bundled into one value-packed sack. Fish in confidence with this Salt Sack for 2021.

Salt Sack 2021 Products: 

  • MagDog 130SW Topwater
    • An excellent topwater bait with a larger profile that allows for maximum casting distances, making this a perfect search bait. 'Walk the dog' very quickly for the best action and more reaction strikes.
  • HyperJerk 70 SW
    • The perfect finesse reaction bait that darts erratically just below the surface, mimicking a fleeing/injured baitfish.
  • Movement 80WK (SW)
    • A customer favorite known for being a very effective bait in the colder months as fish key in on baitfish around shallow structure or in scattered grass.
  • Speed Glide 100 (SW)
    • An all-purpose baitfish imitation lure designed for a natural action, while delivering the ability to jerk, pause, and speed up your retrieve for a more erratic action.
    • Divine ScrewLock Swimbait Jig Heads (3pk)
      • Perfect for when you need to slow your presentation and pick up the soft plastics.
    • Divine Swimbait 
      • The 3.8 Series is our most popular size soft plastic swimbait that is designed to deliver the presentation versatility, allowing you to vary your retrieve without compromising the natural action, and target those more finicky fish.