The Fall 2021 Bundle

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With the Fall transition taking place, don't miss out on this awesome sack put together by the 6th Sense team to help you catch more bass in the Fall months.


Products Included:

1 - Catwalk (Spanish Bone)

1 - Crush 50X (Sexified Chartreuse Shad)

1 - Crush Flat 75X (Wild Shad)

1pk - Ridge Worm (Green Pumpkin Burst)

1 - 7/16oz Divine BallHead Finesse Jig (Black N Blue)

1pk - Stroker Craw 2.4 (Darkwater Bug)

1 - Vega Frog (Ivory White)

1 - 6th Sense FishFlex Sunglass Retainer (Black)

1 - 6th Sense Lanyard (TX Bass)

*Limited Quantity Available*


NOTE: This is not a subscription bag - you will receive the same bag with each purchase.  The color of the sack may vary.