The Garage Sale Sack - Soft Plastics Edition

$49.99 $68.27

The soft plastics edition Garage Sale Sack is packed with EXCLUSIVE soft plastic colors that you cannot find on the website or maybe anywhere. Imagine being able to fish with something that a Bass has never seen before. Each sack will be full of different color soft plastics.

Products included:

1pk Bongo 3.7 - Exclusive Color

1pk Crube 3.0 - Exclusive Color

1pk Glitch 3.8 - Exclusive Color

1pk Juggle Minnow 4.0 - Exclusive Color

1pk STOUT Hook 4/0 

1pk Drop Shot Hook #1 

1pk OX Flipping Hook 3/0 

2 Braid Swim Jig 3/8

1pk Lead Worm Weights 1/4oz.

1 Winter Fleece Mask

1pk Divine Shakey Worm 9.5 - Exclusive Color

1 Velvet Bag 11"x9"

Valued OVER $65

Limited Availability - Order yours today and you could score big.

** There are NO Returns and NO Exchanges for products you receive. Please note, if you order more than one sack it may or may not be similar products. **