It is no secret the jerkbait is a lure that has the power to catch fish in nearly any body of water.  Whether you are fishing stained water in Louisiana, tannic water in Florida, or clear water in the Great Lakes, a jerkbait is a valuable tool that should be included in every angler’s arsenal.  However, in order to experience top-level success with this technique there are several different variables to consider when throwing a jerkbait.  Our team at 6th Sense laid out this playbook to help you understand different conditions and hopefully help you catch more fish with your Provoke 106X Jerkbait.


  1. Water Clarity

The presentation of a jerkbait revolves heavily around a fish’s eyesight.  In the right conditions, this lure and its action can draw fish in from extreme distances.  Water clarity is a very important factor that can help you determine what color jerkbait you should throw.  

Clearer water will often call for a more natural or translucent presentation. 6th Sense colors such as ‘Ghost Bone Minnow' or ‘Shad Burst’ are excellent options to “provoke” strikes from fish that can see every detail of your lure.  

Moderately clear water (2’-4’ visibility) is perfect territory for some of our flashier color patterns like ‘Shad Pro’ or ‘Chrome Threadfin.'  These colors provide just enough contrast to catch a fish’s eye without being too bold.  

To compliment those muddy water situations, such as a typically dirty lake or after a rain where there is runoff, we recommend bright 6th Sense colors such as ‘Gold Reactor’ or ‘French Bone Pearl.'  These color schemes are extremely bright and can provide enough flash to attract fish in low visibility conditions.


  1. Structure

This Provoke 106X can be fished around many different types of cover, such as docks, rocks, and standing timber.  Throwing a jerkbait around this kind of structure can entice fish to come out of their protected environment and strike.   

In addition, you can also rip this bait through hydrilla with the right gear.  For this situation, we recommend throwing 15-17lb test fluorocarbon. Heavier line will make it easier to snap this bait out of grass and give you a better chance of landing bigger fish. 


  1. Water Temperature

The #1 effect water temperature has on fishing a jerkbait is retrieval speed and cadence.  Knowing when to snap your Provoke 106X faster or slower will help you catch more fish when you are out on the water.  

When fishing in colder water, it would behoove you to implement a slower retrieve and longer pauses between twitches.  The fact of the matter is, fish are cold-blooded animals and as water temperatures begin to cool, baitfish movements will naturally become slower.  

On the other hand, fishing in warmer water will allow you to fish faster with less of a pause in between twitches.

Try these different speeds and delays, you might just put more fish in your boat.


  1. Line

The line diameter you choose can be a major key to getting the most out of your jerkbait presentation.  To start, we always recommend using some sort of fluorocarbon.  This type of line has very little stretch and it sinks, which allows you to get the most depth and erratic action out of your bait.  From here you need to consider the depth range you are looking to target.  The Provoke 106x will typically achieve a depth of 5’ on a long cast with standard 12-pound test fluorocarbon.  However, if you fish it on 15-pound test fluorocarbon it will not dive as deep. Heavier line can be beneficial when fishing around shallow vegetation so you can keep your jerkbait above the grass and attract those reaction strikes.  In contrast, downsizing to an 8-pound line will greatly increase your bait’s diving depth.  This will help in open water when you find baitfish or schooling bass.  If you consider your line diameter in different situations, you will more likely be successful.   


  1. Rod

The purpose of a good jerkbait rod is to have enough backbone to crisply snap and twitch the bait but enough forgiveness in the tip of the rod to not tear hooks out of a fish’s mouth.  This technique can, and will be, fatiguing on your elbows and wrists. However, to minimize this issue, we recommend using a rod that is 7’ or shorter.  A great rod used by many 6th Sense pros is the Lux 6’9” medium, moderate-fast.  By using a shorter rod, you can snap, twitch, and jerk the bait for longer periods of time with ease.  Using a more compact rod will also increase casting accuracy, which is crucial while fishing around structure like trees and docks.  This will give you more time fishing and less time hanging up. 


 If you implement these techniques and consider the conditions in which you are fishing, you will have a better chance of landing more fish using your Provoke 106X Jerkbait.  


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March 26, 2021 — 6th Sense Fishing


Robert Paul Ferguson said:

What a great action ,have fished jerkbaits or ripbaits as we call them in California for year’s. The provoke is a must have for every serous jerk bait fishermen for largemouth , smallmouth bass to early season walleye here in Oklahoma . This 6sense bait catches there eye , the realistic color scheme and actions trigger strikes ! Ghost threadfin shad is my favorite color .

Jerry said:

I got my provoke in my 1st mystery bag and well the action was amazing landed and lovely smallie but on the second cast caught a snapping turtle and well almost got it to the bank to retrieve it when he finally snapped my line. Wish I could of used it more than the two cast but from what I saw I’m in need of anther for sure hopefully I get another in this months mystery bag. Fingers crossed.

Derek Morrissey said:

Just caught my 2 PBs largemouth 5.04 and smallie 4.47 on the ditch weed color. Can’t say enough great things about this jerkbait. I’ve always shied away from jerkbaits but picked up a handful
Of provokes over the winter. First trip out for 2021 on a local lake and had the best fishing day of my life all on a provoke. Phenomenal action with every twitch and the suspending portion is perfection. If you’re looking for a bait to go out and start smashing PBs on, don’t hesitate go pick up some provokes right now!!!

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