Selecting a 6th Sense fishing rod for your application and budget isn't easy - in fact, it can be very intimidating if you are newer to fishing. Let's look at a comparison of our rod models and then we'll break down the basics:


The modulus of a fishing rod is a measure of stiffness and is commonly shown in tonnage (e.g. 30-ton). As the modulus increases, the weight of the rod generally decreases.

Polymer resin additives into the graphite matrix can increase the strength of a rod for a given modulus. Both Sensory and Unicorn models utilize Nanosense technology with a polymer resin that adds 20% strength for a given modulus.

Strength-to-Weight Ratio

As the strength of a rod increases, the weight of the rod commonly decreases because less material is required to achieve a given strength. You want this to be high - the Unicorn rod combines 40-ton modulus graphite with NanoSense technology which maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio. 


A variety of factors will increase the sensitivity of a fishing rod. Higher modulus rods are lighter weight and have increases sensitivity. Rod coating, line guides, reel seats, and handles all have an effect as well. Simply put, higher quality components will result in increased rod sensitivity.  

Tangle-Free Alconite Guides

Alconite guide rings with Tangle-free frames are standard on the 6th Sense ESP, Divine, Sensory, and Unicorn rods - this upgrade prevents your line from wrapping around the guide and getting tangled. Alconite is a stronger and lighter ring material from Fuji with a very low coefficient of friction that gives you more control with longer casting distances while minimizing wear damage to your fishing line. 

Action and Flex

Action is defined by how far a rod will bend from the tip for a given pressure. Fast action rods bend just a few inches from the tip while slow rods will bend over halfway down the length of the rod.

Flex is the amount of pressure required to make the rod bend. Heavy rods require higher pressure and light rods bend a lot easier.


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