WaterLand Features


All of the WaterLand frames are made from advanced TR-90 Nylon material, a thermoplastic polymer known for its long-term resistance to breaking, cracking, and wear.


All of the lenses are made from impact resistant polycarbonate material that is best known for its high strength and lightweight properties.

HUEVIEW™ Polarization Layer

Encased in the layers of all of the lenses is a hi-def polarized HueView™ filter to absorb the horizontal light that causes glare. 

WaterLand's Vision

Sporting the optimal fishing eyewear on the water can be just as critical as the rods, reels, and lures in your tackle box. From dawn to dusk in lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans, the sun will always be a fighting factor and you must be prepared to attack it.  

WaterLand had a vision to create a premium, polarized breed of lenses that was centrally focused around the angler who wants the best sunglasses for the situation without spending a fortune. Regardless of whether you are sight casting a shaded shoreline, fishing the open flats, or trolling the wide-open ocean, we have your eyes covered for every application.