Sense it. So simple, yet so powerful. In the world of bass fishing, we rely heavily on our senses. Our eyes, our hands, our gut.

Our eyes are extremely important, not only to see through the water, but to notice the anomalies on the bank to help us identify underwater structure, to catch shad flickering hundreds of yards away through our peripherals, or to notice the Heron sitting on the bank while racing 60mph past him to our next spot. We, as anglers, must rely on our eyes.

We also rely on our hands, our touch, our feel. We must feel that subtle gravel on the bottom of the lake while dragging a worm, we must feel the smallest tick when the most pressured fish nips at your lure, or when you brush a stump with a Texas-rig, don’t set the hook. Our hands are very important, we must trust them.

What people often mistake as luck, or good fortune, is an angler’s 6th Sense. That 6th Sense isn’t taught, you can’t buy it, it’s a sense that is only obtained by hard work, dedication, grit, will power, time, and most of all, passion. All of these characteristic qualities culminate into an angler’s ability to understand how the weather affects the fish, how the water temperature affects the fish, and where to make your first cast as the sun is peeking over the horizon. The angler’s 6th Sense is having the knowledge to know what color lure will catch more fish in any given situation or knowing how deep to fish depending on the time of year. The angler’s 6th Sense helps him understand if the fish wants to see flash, does the fish want scent, does it want loud rattles, or even no rattles? The angler must overcome all these obstacles in order to be successful day in and day out. The angler must “Sense it.”

At 6th Sense Fishing, we understand the hard work, dedication, grit, and will power. We put in the time, and we have the passion to catch more fish. Go empower your 6th Sense.

Sense it.

6th Sense Fishing