6th Sense Pro, Eric Olliverson, recently scored another top 10 finish in the MLF Toyota Series event on Grand Lake. During this tournament, Olliverson used the 6th Sense Crush 100X crankbait in ‘Lava-Treuse” and ‘Mudbug Red’ to catch most of his weight.

(photo by: Tanner Lyons, MLF)

After having a successful practice, catching 10-15 keepers a day, Olliverson told us he “formed a pattern of cranking channel swings in the backs of flat pockets that had some sort of depth in them.”  During our interview, Eric stated, “I was looking for the dirtiest water I could find, the fish were a little bit more active in the truly dirty water.” Day 1 of competition proved to be amazing despite extremely high winds. Eric followed the pattern he discovered in practice and found himself sitting in the lead with a limit of 21 pounds and 12 ounces. He used the wind to his advantage and fished the 100X crankbait around several different areas he had come across previously. Olliverson fed off this momentum on day two, but failed to land two large fish which cost him several spots on the leaderboard. The third day of competition proved to be a grind for the 6th Sense pro. With very little wind, Olliverson’ s cranking pattern became less effective, yet he still managed to secure an 8th place finish and $6,000 payday.

(photo by: Tanner Lyons, MLF)

During this event, Eric Olliverson relied on a 6th Sense 7’2” Medium Sensory rod, 12-pound fluorocarbon, and 6:8:1 gear ratio reel to effectively cover water with his 100X crankbait. This system allowed him to get his lure down to its maximum diving depth and keep fish pinned once they bit. The slightly longer than standard 7’2” rod allowed Eric to achieve long casts which are critical when fishing moving baits.

 (photo by: Kyle Wood, MLF)

We want to congratulate Eric on his awesome performance and wish him luck as he enters the final portion of the MLF Toyota Series schedule. After this event he is currently sitting in second place for AOY (Angler of the Year) standings in the MLF Toyota Series Plains Division.

(photo by: Tanner Lyons, MLF)

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Great job, the 50x i have crushed bass to 6poundes , & walleye to 25 1/2", never used the 100x . Looks like i need that bigger size too !

— Robert Fergusonn

Congrats man!! I was just informed of your products via YouTube and Darien is Fishin channel. From what I can tell you guys make great products and look forward to making first purchase. Clearly they work, your team is crushing it this year. Good luck with AOY and the rest of your season.

— Lee Wright