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6th Sense Carpet Decals



Specially made for outdoor, high traffic locations, the 6th Sense carpet decals feature an extremely durable non-skid texture designed for use on carpet, fiber glass, metal, wood, etc...  Available in 2 sizes, these high quality, non-skid carpet decals are the perfect addition to any boat deck to provide added style and slip resistance.  Whether you're on the water, at the boat ramp, fueling up, or driving down the highway, let everyone know you fish the best products on the market. 
Available in two sizes:  (24" x 5.7")  &  (16" x 15.5")
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'6th Sense' Carpet Decal
'6th Sense' Carpet Decal
Size Price Qty
24" x 5.7" White $29.99
24" x 5.7" Black $29.99
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