The 6th Sense BeaconBlades are crafted to introduce an extra element of shimmer whenever it's called for. The term 'beacon' is derived from a visible object, making it extremely visible on forward facing sonar for your single swimmer swimbait. This feature allows you to be more efficient when targeting those suspended fish around your boat. The BeaconBlade's counter-rotating willow blades mounted on premium-quality swivels, enhance visibility and extend the lifespan. They seamlessly complement a wide range of lures, including spinnerbaits, swim jigs, single swimming swimbaits, bladed jigs, and virtually any other setup you can conceive. Every package contains 2 Beacon Blades alongside a set of 9 clear Peg-X stoppers, ensuring you have everything needed to elevate your fishing game.

Simply thread a Peg-X stopper on your line, then slide the BeaconBlade on, followed by another Peg-X stopper. This will allow you to move the BeaconBlade wherever you like on your line.