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Quake 80 Suspending

The 6th Sense Quake 80 Suspending model takes a whole new approach to your standard lipless crankbait. Engineered with a unique suspension system to vary with the temperature of the water, the Quake 80SP is great for covering water while having the versatility of being a year-round bait. The Quake 80SP is designed to suspend longer in colder water, where the fish are more lethargic, and shorter in warmer water where the fish are more active. The 80SP is perfect for being thrown over grass flats and flooded grass, with the added capability of being ripped, then twitched, or with a stop and go sweeping retrieve in depths of 2-3ft.

Suspends in 2-3ft on 12lb Flourocarbon.

**NOTE: This limited edition series will be identified with a 'SUSPENDING' sticker on the front of our Quake 80 packaging.  The Quake 80 packaging reads 7/8oz, however the Quake 80 Suspending is in fact 1/2oz. **

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Quake 80 Suspending - Live Shiner
Quake 80 Suspending - Live Shiner
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1/2oz. $10.99
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