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Unicorn Fishing Rods

The Unicorn™ series graphite casting rods from 6th Sense Fishing feature NanoSense™ Graphene Matrix technology integrated into the carbon, increasing the strength 20% higher than standard graphite. The culmination of nanotechnology, high-end polymer resins, and premium 40-ton Mitsubishi Japanese Carbon brings you one of the lightest, strongest, and most sensitive rods on the market.

Maximum Sensitivity

Each of the Unicorn™ rod models are fast-action with less bend, - this means they have superior sensitivity and ultimately will detect fish strikes easier. This in turn allows for more hook setting power because the rod doesn't bend as much as you lift the rod for the hook set.  

Length Action Flex Type
Fast Med-Hvy Casting
Fast Medium
7'2" Fast Med-Light Spinning
7'3" Fast Med-Hvy Casting
7'4" Fast Heavy Casting

Guide Set

Fuji Alconite guides embedded in Tangle-Free stainless steel frames further elevate the sensitivity and minimize line friction (and line wear damage) while preventing coil memory in your line after being under tension.

Reel Seat

The two-piece Fuji reel seat, accompanied with a custom 6th Sense hood, further increases the overall sensitivity from allowing direct contact between your hand and the fully exposed rod blank. 

Hook Keeper Design

The new diamond-shaped hook keeper allows you to loop and secure your lure without having to back the barb out of a soft plastic-embedded hook, which significantly reduces the soft plastic's lifespan.

Handle Design

A customized, tapered, split-grip EVA handle provides ultimate comfort, control, and leverage while casting. 

Unicorn™ Rod Tech Specs

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Unicorn 7'3" Med-Hvy, Fast
Unicorn 7'3" Med-Hvy, Fast
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