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WaterLand Sunglasses

In early 2017, WaterLand Co. began assembling an ambassador team of both professional and recreational fishermen from all over the country to begin testing a wide range of lens prospects for the WaterLand optics line. No body of water, no weather condition, and no fishing application was left unturned.

WaterLand's mission was clear: they wanted to give you the capability to see underwater objects without noticing the water.  They wanted a contrast so defined that every detail and action of a fish swimming over a bed beneath a downed tree could be seen. In the end, WaterLand formulated HueView, a lens technology optimized to create the cleanest and most crisp vision throughout the water column.

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WaterLand Co. Sunglasses - Milliken
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New Arrival
WaterLand Co. Sunglasses - Milliken
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