The Background

Here at 6th Sense, we do not take negative criticism lightly. We have read your comments and emails, watched your videos, and listened to your phone calls that offered suggestions and provided disappointments with our Super 6 subscription plans. The past six months, our team has spent countless hours in the meeting room discussing some necessary changes to our subscription bundle that will make our customers even happier.


The Products

We are proud to announce the all-new 6 Sack Subscription. We took everything we’ve learned over the last three years with fishing product subscriptions and simplified it all into one monthly sack. We know that you all want high quality 6th Sense products and 6th Sense only – that does not change.  What will change is that we are now adding another dimension that is guaranteed: new releases, exclusive colors, and popular products each and every month. You will get your hands on some of these hot products before anyone else does.


The Membership

For the contents of the 6 Sack to stay true to our subscribers, we have to make it exclusive and limit the number of subscribers every single month. Controlled subscriber growth is important so that we can maintain the uniqueness by planning accordingly.


So what does this mean for you, our valued customer? This means you need to join as soon as you can. Once you’re in, you’re in. Since we are capping the number of subscribers each month, an opportunity today may not be there tomorrow. Don’t miss your opportunity!


6 Sack Registration

  1. If you are currently a Premium sack subscriber, then do nothing. Your subscription will automatically convert to the new 6 Sack at the same rate for the same value.
  2. If you are currently a Standard sack or a Tailored sack Super 6 subscriber, you will have to sign up for the Premium sack. If you want to cancel your current plan, no problem, reach out to our customer service team. (



1. Subscribe

The 6 Sack covers every angler's needs. 

2. We'll Build your Sack

Let us lead you to the fish. Each month we'll send you a sack with new products, exclusive colors, and high quality 6th Sense products.

3. Catch Giants

Upon arrival, unpack your sack and tie one on. The rest is history.   


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