Available in 2 sizes 

5/16 oz.                    7/16 oz.  

6th Sense Divine Swim Jigs


The Braid Swim Jig is the latest addition to the Divine Swim Jig series. A thicker 5/0 siwash braid hook allows you to pull the jig through the heaviest of cover with higher strength rods and braided line. 

This jig can be dragged, swam, stroked, or flipped and retrieved through rocks, trees, bushes and grass with ease.  The semi-flat, keel weighted belly of the head was designed to create a secondary swimming action and also ensure the ability to skip under docks or willows. The wide tapered points of the outside of the head will help deflect cover and also help maintain posture, giving it the ability to lie flat on the bottom (which makes for the perfect bed fishing jig). 

The ScrewLock keeper ensures your plastic trailers remain locked in place. Minimal replacements of trailers means significant cost savings over conventional keepers with a simple 'slide-on' feature that will strip the trailer. 

6th Sense Divine Swim Jig ScrewLock

All swim jigs are engineered with detailed eye sockets, gill plates, and realistic 3D eyes. It is available in two weights: 5/16 oz and 7/16 oz.

5/16 oz.                    7/16 oz.