Available in 2 sizes

1 oz.                    1-3/8 oz.

6th Sense Divine Scrape Grass Jig


The 6th Sense Divine Scrape Grass Jig features a thicker 5/0 siwash braid style hook attached to a heavier head so that you can flip in and out of thick grass with higher strength rods and braided line. The triangular shaped head ensures more top lip hook sets by preventing it from turning sideways and out of the fish's mouth. 

The ScrewLock keeper ensures your plastic trailers remain locked in place. Minimal replacements of trailers means significant cost savings over conventional keepers with a simple 'slide-on' feature that will strip the trailer. 

It is available in two weights: 1 oz and 1-3/8 oz. 

1 oz.                    1-3/8 oz.  


Recommended Rods for the Divine Scrape Grass Jig