Extreme Weather

The 6th Sense extreme weather lineup is second to none.  Included is the 'Blade' extreme weather pullover and the FishDown jacket.  6th Sense has you covered when the weather becomes harsh.  

The 6th Sense Blade™ — a water and wind resistant pullover that withstands all the elements thrown at it. Coated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) Finish, the 'Blade' will wick water off the surface keeping the jacket lighter and you warmer. While you're out cutting waves, the 'Blade' is cutting wind, snow, and rain.

The FishDown Hooded Jacket is the warmest addition to our Outerwear Collection. Designed with a unique blend of synthetic down fill that regulates your body temperature for an all-day, comfort fit, that you won't want to take off. This FishDown Jacket delivers the warmth, style, and quality you need when out on the water or out on the town, without a doubt.