You have put in the work, found the fish, and now all that stands between you and a great day of catching bass is execution. However, it does not matter how many fish you have found if you do not have the right hooks for the job. Below are some tips and techniques for choosing the right hook for the job.

Stout Wide Gap: Standard wide gap-style hooks have been around for many years now. We have put our own spin on this classic design with our line of Stout wide gap hooks. Available in three sizes (3/0, 4/0, and 5/0) we have you covered for a wide variety of presentations. This hook can be used in a multitude of different situations, but our favorites are on a Texas rig or a Carolina rig. This hook is sharp enough to set easily on a long cast, but also strong enough to pull fish out from thick cover.  

Jugular Hybrid Hook: The Jugular Hybrid hook is a mix between the classic O'Shaughnessy hook & a round bend. Built with extra strong wire and an oversized barb, this hook can keep big fish pinned even on long casts. Our favorite applications for this hook are on a Carolina Rig, Texas Rig, and weightless.  Another often overlooked application for this style of hook is flipping/punching. The slender profile of this hook allows your presentation to easily come in and out of thick cover.

Ox Flipping Hook: The Ox is a straight shank hook that was specifically designed for targeting giant bass in extremely thick cover. Built with heavy gauge black nickel wire and a barbed bait keeper, this hook can accommodate almost any soft plastic you need to flip with. When it comes to punching mats or flipping heavy cover, this is our go-to hook.

Keel Weighted Hook: The Keel Weighted hook is a standard wide gap hook that has lead weight around the bend which helps stabilize moving baits. This hook was built to be paired with swimbaits, toads, and any other type of soft plastic you need to fish fast. However, this hook can be paired with a Clout or Flush 5.2 and fished around shallow cover or hydrilla to give fish a slightly more subtle presentation. Our recommended soft plastics to pair with this hook are the Whale 4.5 and Divine Swimbait.

Wacky Hook: Built with low-profile forged wire, the 6th Sense Wacky Hook was built to be the ultimate tool for wacky-rigging soft plastics. Designed with a standard octopus-style bend, this hook takes very little effort to set. This is useful when fishing with light line and long casts. Our recommended plastics for this hook are a Clout 5.4, Ned Fry 4.6, and a Divine Shakey Worm. When weightless finesse fishing, this is our go-to hook.

Drop Shot Hook: Another one of our top picks for finesse fishing is the 6th Sense Drop Shot Hook. Designed with a laser sharp point and open gap, this hook was designed to easily penetrate a fish’s mouth, even on a long cast with light line. This hook can also be used to wacky rig finesse soft plastics when fish are keying in on smaller forage. Our recommended baits for this hook are a Divine Shakey Worm 6.3, Clout, or Ned Fry.

Spinnerbait Trailer Hook: The 6th Sense Spinnerbait Trailer Hook is a 3/0 straight shank hook that was designed to go on the back of your favorite moving baits. Simply put your hook through the plastic keeper on the Spinnerbait Trailer hook and it is ready to fish. This hook pairs nicely with spinnerbaits, buzz baits, and chatter baits when you are having issues with fish getting away. This hook can also serve as a heavy-duty wacky/neko rig hook.

Being cognizant of your hook selection when out on the water is a skill that can help you capitalize on more bites, put more fish in the boat, and ultimately cash more checks.

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The stout wide gap hooks are very good hooks they have caught me many fish

— Kevin Flaherty