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6th Sense Pro Finishes 2nd at MLF Toyota Series Event

6th Sense Pro and Florida resident, Mikey Keyso, recently notched a 2nd place finish in the MLF Toyota Series event on Lake Toho. Keyso has fished major tournaments since 2012 which makes him no stranger to a high level of competition. However, the Florida pro had to strategize and persevere in order to consistently catch big bass during last week’s competition.

After official practice was over, Keyso elected not to chase fish that were actively spawning due to their unpredictable behavior.  Utilizing the Quake 70 Gold Reactor, he targeted areas of scattered hydrilla holding staging prespawn females.  ”I was catching big ones staging” he stated, “6-10 pounders,” using this particular pattern on Lake Kissimmee and Lake Toho. Mikey believes that the golden color scheme and unique action of his Quake 70 perfectly imitated a golden shiner, which is a preferred food source of giant bass in Florida.  Keyso also reported, “when they ate it, it was literally down their throat,” which gave him more confidence in his bait choice.

After several days of high winds, Keyso was forced to abandon Lake Kissimmee and rely heavily on his “¼ mile square” on Lake Toho to catch fish.  As the event progressed, more and more anglers began to close in on this area, forcing him to slow down and fish everything around him thoroughly. Mikey told us that "people were moving in, but they weren't exactly aware of what was transpiring under the water." This gave him even more confidence to stay put and not leave his area in search of new fish. In total, Keyso relied on his old school mentality and mental toughness to pursue only 5-7 bites per day. This combination resulted in an awesome tournament finish and a $20,000 paycheck.

The 6th Sense team is proud of Mikey and his outstanding finish on Lake Toho.  This 2nd place finished set Keyso up for a great chance at AOY.  He is a great ambassador and we wish him the best of luck in upcoming events.

(photos: Jody White/MLF)

Instagram: @mikey_keysojr



  • Your truly blessed! I’m extremely proud of you lil Brother! Dad is too! Nicely done Ziggs!

  • Best damn Florida fisherman I know hands down! Knows how to figure out the fish on every body of water we hit! Great guy to have in the pro-staff! We will soon see Mikey on the elite series and I can’t wait!

    Jason Blair
  • Good job Mike

    Uncle Rob
  • Mikey is arguably the best Florida angler right now. He’s consistently good and can adapt in even the worst conditions. The scary thing is I believe he’s just getting started. Way to represent Team 6!

    Nick Kefalides
  • I thought I really knew Mikey Keyso but after reading this article about his initial strategy and his adjustment and success with a revised strategy, I began to appreciate how his experience and background played a crucial contribution to his successful finish. I, too, wish him luck in his future tournaments but I am convinced that luck, experience and proper accessories are his recipe for success.

    Robert MacCready

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