6th Sense Pro, Samuel Whitmire, recently had a stellar performance in the MLF Big 5 Toyota Series event on Lake Toho.  Before fishing this event, the Florida pro was having doubts about his career.  He told us he was "ready to hang up the dream and pursue a career path with less risk.”  After seeing how the Toyota Series schedule lined up, Whitmire decided that he would fish this season as a last ditch effort to keep his professional fishing dream alive.

Going into this tournament, Sam faced an extremely tough practice.  The high winds made the entire west side of the chain of lakes muddy, forcing anglers to reside in areas that were protected from the harsh weather.  By the time that practice was over, Whitmire had elected to do something different from the crowd and target spawning fish on isolated grass and reed clumps.  The Florida pro had only found one area that was about 300-400 yards long and he was skeptical of its ability to withstand three days of fishing pressure.   By 10:30a.m. on day 1 of the event, Sam had caught all of his weight, including an 11 pound, 11 ounce behemoth (biggest bass of the event).  Shortly thereafter, he began covering new water.  After not finding anything else worthwhile, Whitmire expressed that he “wished he would have stayed in that area all day and tried to find a few more big bites.”  He adjusted well throughout the rest of the event and ended up notching a 9th place finish.


Whitmire’s key to success in this event was utilizing a two-pronged approach of the Divine Shakey Worm and a 6th Sense Provoke 106x.  “I just really like that shakey worm because it holds a hook amazingly well compared to other soft plastic stickbaits,'' stated Whitmire. Along with this, he said, “this worm provides a different presentation with its bulbous tail design providing extra action in the water."  The Floridian angler relied on two colors during the event: Junebug Red and Blood Apple.  To compliment this technique, the Provoke 106x in Ghost Threadfin Shad was used to target fish residing in isolated hydrilla clumps.  In total, Samuel Whitmire has set himself up to have an amazing year on the Toyota Series Southern Division schedule. 6th Sense is proud of Sam and we wish him the best of luck in upcoming events.

(photos: Jody White/MLF)

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Great job, that ghost threadfin shad is one of my favorite colors !!! I use it anytime i having to fish behind another boat, anytime !!! Any bass, walleye, and watch out for the hybrids or striped bass as well . Great company , Great people, Great baits ,Greasy colors !

— Robert Ferguson