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Warrior 2 Bass

Over the last several years in the fishing industry, we have had the chance to work with a lot of different guys. None more special than Captain Nick Kefalides. Nick is now a renowned fishing guide in Florida, but long before becoming a guide, he was a Marine Raider. Serving 11 years in the United States Marine Corps, Nick has had his fair share of highs and lows.  Our team here at 6th Sense is honored to call Nick a friend and we are especially proud of his service to our country.

Nick, having a father in the Marines, and a step-father serving in Vietnam, knew at a young age he was going to serve his country.  Joining the Marine Corps at the age of 18, his first deployment was a short 5 months later.  Imagine, 19 years old, 5 months of training, you land in Iraq, less than a week later you are in your first engagement.  Some of us never have to experience that. Nick took it in stride.  Quickly making a name for himself in the middle east, Nick moved up the food chain in a hurry.  Being hand selected, not only once, but twice to join special operations teams, he was becoming an asset to the United States Marine Corps.  During his service and combat deployments, Nick happened to be at the right place at the right time while out on a 48 hour mission. While out on a foot patrol, Nick’s team started taking fire from multiple enemy positions. While returning fire, Nick and his team took cover in the nearest compound. After engaging the enemy for over an hour, the firefight ceased long enough for everyone to catch their breath. Not knowing at the time, Nick was about to accomplish the biggest highlight of his honorable and distinguished career. While positioned in an overwatch position, Nick noticed two guys racing by on a motorcycle with AK-47’s strapped to their backs. Nick reacted quickly and efficiently. Taking out both targets with only two rounds, mission accomplished.  Nick took out, at the time, the number 3 man in Afghanistan.


After retiring from the Marines in 2014, Nick was lost.  Not knowing what to do with his life or how to even function as a civilian.  A year had gone by when he got a phone call from a friend inviting him on a deep sea fishing trip with other retired veterans.  It was at that time when Nick rediscovered his love for fishing.  Shortly after that, Nick founded Warrior 2 Bass Guide Service; a fishing charter located in central Florida, targeting Largemouth Bass.  Nick operates guide trips and then uses his proceeds to fly veterans to Florida for a free guided fishing trip.  

While Nick is running his business and taking out clients to catch giant bass, he is also going to fish the Toyota Series events this year.  Nick is an expert level angler and his mental strength acquired from his time in Marines will be beneficial to his young pro career.  He also knows what it’s like to catch 10lbers.  


From becoming a Marine, being hand selected to become a MARSOC Marine Raider, taking out the number 3 target in Afghanistan, starting a phenomenal business with a great purpose, to chasing a dream of becoming a pro tour angler, Nick Kefalides is living his best life.  We are proud to call Nick a friend and honored to support him and his dreams.  His service record speaks for itself and we have no doubt Nick will continue to succeed in the years to come.  We wish him the best of luck in upcoming tournaments.  

Instagram: warrior_2_bass

Website: Warrior 2 Bass



  • Thank you for your service Nick. I look forward to following your career on the tour. Best of luck always!

    Ron Maroon
  • Thank you for your service Nick, and thank you for all you do for our Veterans. I had the pleasure and honor of fishing w you a few years ago and had a great trip and was so impressed with your professionalism and guiding skills. We had a great day, AND you introduced me to 6th Sense gear, been fishing it ever since. I look forward to getting down to central Florida again soon. Be safe.

    Rob Miller
  • I get to go fish, work and live freely thanks to you and those like you. God Bless You and may God continue to bless America. Thank you Sir!

    Mike McClelland
  • Nick, thank you for your service and you’re bravery. Your story is amazing. I know how PTSD is a major outcome from being in the military especially being at war, so I am glad that you have found your love for fishing again and doing a great service to the vets. You can’t beat fishing with any sport out there. It’s a true sport thats good for the soul. Keep on keeping on brotha. Good luck in the tournament. Ill be checking you out.

    Peggy Murphy
  • Semper fi. Former USMC still a MARINE

    Brice Westphal

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