Axle Hybrid Finesse Jig - Gravel Craw


Warning - CA PROP 65

Requested specifically from our pros, the Axle Hybrid Finesse Jig was designed to be versatile, efficient, and effective on all bodies of water. This finesse version comes with a smaller hook for those smaller soft plastics when the bite gets tough. Do not let the size fool you though, the Axle Hybrid Finesse Jig packs a lot of punch.

Constructed with the same head design as the Divine Hybrid Jig without the weed guard, the Axle Hybrid Finesse Jig allows you to embed the hook point into your soft plastic trailer creating a jig that will go anywhere. No more fear of hanging up in brush piles, docks, trees, or anything that could catch that hook point. The r-bend hook acts just like the Axle Swinging Swim Jig in the fact that it will push upwards when a fish bites it, causing an almost seamless hook set. Coming standard with a premium painted head, a hand-tied skirt, and an ultra-sharp hook, the Axle Hybrid Finesse Jig series is a must have when you want to fish where no one else can and get bites.