Axle Swinging Swim Jig - Pro Blue Shad


Warning - CA PROP 65

The 6th Sense Axle Swinging Swim Jig’s design is exponentially more versatile than a normal swim jig. The free-swinging extra wide gap hook paired with the free-swinging screw lock allows this swim jig to be completely weedless. When you embed your hook point into the soft plastic, you can throw your Axle Swinging Swim Jig with confidence around heavy cover. Bass love a swim jig, now you can catch those hard-to-reach swim jig fish around trees, docks, grass, brush piles, and any other thick cover. With premium painted heads, 3-D gills, 3-D eyes and ultra-sharp hooks, the Axle Swinging Swim Jig will go places other swim jigs will not.