Bongo 3.7 - Green Pumpkin Juice


Warning - CA PROP 65

The 6th Sense Lure Lab is proud to release this smokin’ new soft plastic, The Bongo. Let’s begin with the 3-Dimensional “scale like” body gives it an ultra-realistic presentation in the water. At 3.7 inches, the thinner body shape allows the wider claws to have more action by displacing more water, which will attract more fish. The Bongo was designed as a great trailer to give your jigs more action when flipping, hopping, or swimming, but it is also perfect for pitching a Texas-rig around thick cover or dragging a Carolina-rig offshore. The versatility of the Bongo is unmatched, flip it, use it as a jig trailer (swim jigs, hybrid jigs, Core-X Swinging Jigs, and bladed jigs). Tie one on and you’ll be telling your buddies, “they sure were hitting the Bongo today.”

(3.7” – 6/pk)