Boosa 9.6 Ribbon Tail - Blue Fleck Magic


Warning - CA PROP 65

Our 6th Sense team set out with a mission to design and develop a ribbon tail worm with the goals of distinctive features and secondary flexible motion. The Boosa 9.6-inch Ribbon Tail incorporates alternating ribs, allowing the worm to shift water, generate flexible movement, all while also locking in any added scent significantly better than a smooth sided worm. To finalize the design and through vigorous testing, we added a bulbous, ringed 'Boosa' tail that creates a secondary vibrating motion on the fall, and at rest.

Whether you are fishing shallow, deep, flipping, or dragging, the Boosa worm was passionately designed to exceed expectations. 


Recommended Hooks: Jugular 5/0. Stout Hooks 5/0, & 6/0.