Congo Craw 3.8 - Green Pumpkin Blue


Warning - CA PROP 65

The Congo Craw was conceived with the aim of sparking the angler's creativity. Crafted as the ultimate all-purpose creature, the 6th Sense Lure Lab dedicated extensive time and numerous prototype molds to perfect the desired action of the Congo Craw. What sets this 3.8” hybrid bait apart is its heightened action and limitless versatility. As an angler, you hold the power to dictate the Congo Craw's behavior. Opt for a slower fall and increased water displacement by keeping it intact. For a subtler and wider action, simply remove the two inner appendages. Seeking a faster fall or desiring a finesse action? Eliminate the two outer appendages. Unleash your imagination with the Congo Craw and redefine a hybrid creature bait.

(3.8in - 6/pk)