Crube - Magic Craw


Warning - CA PROP 65

Classic, yet modern. The 6th Sense Crube ("CRAW+TUBE") was designed to be a classic bait with an updated twist. There is no doubt that a tube style bait catches fish, anywhere, on any body of water, and so does a crawfish. Why not combine the two with realism and practicality? 

Measuring 3" in length, the Crube is the perfect “bite size” crawfish imitator, not too big, not too small, for any species of bass. It is constructed of a tube body with 14 appendages: 6 legs, 2 claws, and 6 tentacles, giving it a pulsing presentation unlike any tube style bait on the market. We purposely designed the head of the body with 'meat,' for a wide gap hook, to better suit R-Bend styles, as well as flipping hooks. This ensures your bait stays pinned and less time fooling with a tube sliding down your hook due to lack of plastic to grip into. 

The 3/4 hollow body design of the body traps air inside and slowly releases the air bubbles, creating a realistic look in the water upon its descent. This hollow body also allows for the bait to be squeezed upon the bite, making its hook-up ratio better than a typical craw bait.

The Crube is poured with the perfect blend of soft plastic and scent to give it the most durability without sacrificing action in the water. With a variety of colors, the Crube can be fished in all clarities of water, for all species of bass. Whether you Texas-rig it, flip it, drag it, or shake it, the Crube will be a unique bait in your soft plastic arsenal.