Divine Swimbait - Green Pumpkin


Warning - CA PROP 65

Divine Swimbait 2.7 Series: (2.7"-10/pk)

The smallest of the Divine Swimbait series, the 2.7 series have the same design with tighter and faster swimming action. This series is best for when 'matching the hatch' is extremely important. When the bass are feeding on those tiny shad, tie on a 2.7 Divine Swimbait.

Divine Swimbait 3.2 Series: (3.2"-7/pk)

The little brother to the 3.8 Series, the Divine Swimbait 3.2 Series have the same features and durability, just with a slightly faster swimming action. Whether you are targeting smallmouth, under finesse conditions, or looking to simply down size, the 3.2" will be your size of choice.

Divine Swimbait 3.8 Series: (3.8"-6/pk)

These swimbaits were designed to deliver the perfect action while retaining its strength, fish after fish, unlike others on the market that tear up easily. The Divine Swimbait 3.8 Series are a must have, our most popular size for all species, and sure to be a go-to bait.

Divine Swimbait 4.4 Series: (4.4"-6/pk)

The Divine Swimbait 4.4 is for those bigger bites and bigger swimjig trailers. This is our preferred size/style swimbait for a keel weighted hook as well as swimming over grass and around structure.

Divine Swimbait 5.3 Series: (4.4"-5/pk)

The Divine Swimbait 5.3 is the largest of the Divine Swimbait Family. It is perfect for our Axle Swimbait Jig Head, the Treble Head, 6/0 hooks and up or a keel weighted hook.