Duke - Gold Reactor


Warning - CA PROP 65

Introducing the Duke lipless crankbait, NOW available in two sizes to suit all fishing conditions:

Duke 65 - 5/8oz Version**: This larger size excels in extensive water coverage with its unique wide head design, creating a tighter vibration and a pronounced thumping action. Ideal for colder waters, it boasts an enhanced weighting system for superior casting. Its standout feature is the internal rattle system, producing a distinct noise that distinguishes it from other lipless crankbaits. Equipped with sharp hooks, premium hardware, and top-quality paint, the 5/8oz Duke is essential for anglers needing a loud rattle and tight wobble.

Duke 55 - 3/8oz Version**: The smaller 3/8oz Duke offers a subtler approach while maintaining the high-quality features of its larger counterpart. Perfect for lighter presentations, it still delivers tight vibrations and effective water displacement. This version is also equipped with the unique internal rattle system, sharp hooks, and premium finishes, making it versatile for various fishing scenarios.