Duke - Rambo Red


Warning - CA PROP 65

Designed to be a premium lipless crankbait, the Duke performs like no other on the market. The unique wide head design gives the Duke a tighter vibration while also displacing water giving it a hard thumping action upon retrieve. The tighter wobble will improve the Duke’s effectiveness in colder water temperatures. Having a lipless crankbait that you can cover a lot of water with is a necessity, we accomplished this by making the Duke 5/8oz. with an enhanced weighting system. Another necessity for a premium, tournament grade lipless crankbait is the noise it produces under water. The Duke’s internal rattle system is second to none, and it separates the Duke from all other lipless crankbaits on the market, making it a necessary tool to have in your arsenal when the fish want a tight wobble or a louder rattle. As always, the Duke comes standard with super sharp hooks you do not have to change, premium hardware, and the best paint schemes on the market.