Flat Finesse F4 - Bluegill Spawn


Warning - CA PROP 65

The 6th Sense Lure Lab set out to redefine the flat sided crankbait. Our vision was to incorporate durability with castability, along with a better tight wobble hunting action for those finicky fish. We are proud to present the Flat Finesse F4. This flat sided crankbait’s internal weight transfer system gives you the ability to make those long casts to help you cover more water or pinpoint accurate casts when the situation calls for it. The durability of the F4 comes from the circuit board bill. This design will give you the confidence to throw this crankbait around the toughest cover, rocks, trees, docks, without fear of breaking the bill. The full-scale design of the body along with the standard premium paint schemes give this crankbait the most realistic look in the water column. The F4 will attract any fish in the area and the super sharp black nickel hooks with help you land any fish that commits.