Flush 7.5 Heavy - Gizzard Shad


Warning - CA PROP 65

The 6th Sense Lure Lab decided a bigger version would be a great addition to the soft jerkbait lineup.  Measuring at 7.5 inches, the Flush 7.5 Heavy was injected with a special formula that puts more weight in the keel style belly. This formulation allows the Flush 7.5 Heavy to have magnificent castability and also creates a more stable fall. A lot of times the fish will attack a soft jerkbait while it's falling, and this design and weight provides a level, balanced fall, without the need of added weight.

Similar to the Flush 5.2, the 7.5 Heavy has matching pectoral fins, anal fin, horizontal forked tail fins and keel-style belly.  The tail fin incorporates a small ball at the base giving the Flush quivering action and stability. The pectoral fins keep this soft plastic balanced in the water for ultimate presentation. Paired with the STOUT Wide-Gap 6/0 or 7/0 hook makes the ideal combination.  (7.5" - 5/pk)