Hangover - Live Shad


Warning - CA PROP 65
"The Hangover," developed by swimbait specialist Ben Milliken, is the culmination of expert craftsmanship and advanced fishing technology. At 6.25 inches, this swimbait features a trio of internal weight systems for unparalleled versatility in depth and speed control. Its innovative weight placement results in a signature "head wagging" action that bass can't resist, with a coated system to prevent discoloration and extend the lure's life.

Designed with a top-mounted treble hook for a smooth glide over cover, and an optional belly eyelet for customization, "The Hangover" ensures optimal presentation at ultra-slow speeds, keeping it in the strike zone longer. If a quicker sink or faster retrieval is needed, a simple addition of a nail weight in the belly adjusts its performance. The swimbait's superior materials strike a perfect balance between flexibility for action and durability, while its top-tier paint jobs and 3D eyes make it a standout in aesthetics. Ben Milliken and 6th Sense deliver a swimbait that not only looks and moves realistically but is also built to last.

Length: 6.25 inches
(Each Hangover comes with a 1/0 Treble Hook)
Sink Rates:
Slow Sink (2.5oz) - 1.05 seconds per foot 
Medium Sink (2.7oz) - .85 seconds per foot
Fast Sink (2.9oz) - .65 seconds per foot