Movement 6'9" Medium, Mod-Fast


Warning - CA PROP 65

Length: 6'9" 
Action: Medium
Flex/Taper: Mod-Fast
Lure Weight: 1/4-5/8oz
Line Weight: 8-15lb

Applications: Small Sqaurebills (target cranking), Small Spinnerbaits

Here at 6th Sense we have devoted countless hours to designing and testing moving bait rods. The parobolic action of the Movement Series will help hook-up ratio and keep fish pinned longer so you can land more fish. We have finally come out with what we think is the best Reaction Series rod lineup on the market.  Featuring a Japanese Carbon 24-Ton blank, we have found the exact actions to help you catch more fish.  These Mod-Fast actions will allow you to make a country mile cast with a soft tip that keeps the fighting fish from throwing your bait.  Not only did we go straight carbon blanks, but we also did this to create a lightweight yet very responsive rod that transmits ever vibration back to the angler due to the exposed reel seat.  We added semi-micro guides from American Tackle to make sure we maximized the castability of the rod to get your baits where they need to go.  Whether your sniping isolated cover with a spinnerbait, to offshore throwing a big crankbait, we have you covered!