Movement 80WK (SW) - Dirty Chartreuse


Warning - CA PROP 65
The 6th Sense Movement 80WK wakebait was designed for waking the surface to entice that early morning or late evening topwater bite. The 80WK is engineered with a counter-balance weighting system that allows the lure to essentially 'walk the dog' on its own on a slow and steady retrieve. Galvanized hooks, a premium paint scheme, and real life 3D gill plates, 3D eyes, and 3D scales make this tough to resist for all saltwater species!                                                                                    

Random Reaction Movement - creates hard thumping, erratic movements while cranking that result in increased strikes
Counter-Balance Weight System - generates a wider 'walk the dog' action
Galvanized, super sharp saltwater hooks - These treble hooks will stay sharp and resist corrosion in the harshest saltwater conditions