Party Minnow - Ghost Ice Minnow


Warning - CA PROP 65

Designed in collaboration with Bassmaster Elite series angler, Cory Johnston, the Party Minnow brings innovation and realism to the 6th Sense soft plastic lineup. Cory, arguably one of the best smallmouth anglers in the world, sat down with the 6th Sense Lure Lab to create the perfect drop-shot swimbait. The 3.0 inch Party Minnow whips up a plethora of spice when mixed with the right ingredients. The vastly thin tail was engineered specifically to give the Party Minnow maximum kicking action at extremely slow speeds. The 3D eyes, along with some of Cory’s favorite colors, only add to the realism of the Party Minnow. Although designed to be fished on a drop-shot, the Party Minnow can also be fished on a jig head, split shot, or anyway you choose. The party doesn’t start until the Party Minnow is in your hands.

3.0” – 8/pk