Provoke DD Series - Shad Pro


Warning - CA PROP 65

The Provoke series of jerkbaits, meticulously crafted by our top professionals, now includes two versatile sizes: the Provoke 106DD and the new Provoke 97DD. The 106DD is specially designed to slow float or suspend, effectively targeting depths of 4-7ft, and can reach 8-9ft with 8-10lb test line. The Provoke 97DD, while maintaining similar attributes, offers a distinct size advantage for different fishing situations.

Both variants are equipped with a uniquely engineered tapered bill design, enabling an impressive darting and turning motion with each rod twitch, mimicking natural fish movements. Enhanced with premium paint jobs, they present an incredibly lifelike appearance in the water.

Additionally, the Provoke series features a sophisticated weight transfer system for optimal casting distance. The inclusion of super sharp hooks, coupled with detailed 3D eyes, scales, and gill plates, adds to the realism, making the Provoke jerkbaits a standout choice for anglers seeking lifelike and effective lures.