Quake Slow Sink - Boiled Crawfish


Warning - CA PROP 65
The 6th Sense Quake Slow Sink Lipless Crankbait sinks at a slower rate than the original Quake series. This makes for an easier meal for bass while the retrieve is paused or the initial fall once it hits the water. The Quake Slow Sink will allow you to fish submerged grass more efficiently with the slower sink rate.  With the same features of the Quake series, the slow sink version utilizes a dual flat back design, this lure was designed to grab more water and increase vibrations. These vibrations bring a different thump and feel to the fish, resulting in more bites. Available in sizes up to 3/8oz. and 5/8oz., these lipless crankbaits will allow you to chunk them long distances and cover more water. Fitted with super sharp black nickel hooks, hi-def scales and gill plates, along with a top of the line paint scheme, the Quake Lipless Crankbait will speak for itself with its power fishing capabilities.