The Exclusive Soft Plastics Bundle

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The Exclusive Soft Plastics Bundle is packed with special run soft plastic colors that you cannot find anywhere else but right here. These are limited, and each sack will be full of different color soft plastics and models. 

Products included:

1pk - Stroker Craw 3.3

1pk - Prawn 4.2

1pk - Flush 5.2

1pk - Glitch 3.8

1pk - Crube 3.0

2pk - Juggle Minnow 4.0

1pk - Bongo 3.7


Limited Availability - Order yours today and you could score big.

** There are NO Returns and NO Exchanges for products you receive. Please note, if you order more than one sack it may or may not be similar products. **


Warning - CA PROP 65