Treble Underspin - Perch Gill


Warning - CA PROP 65

The newest edition to the Treble Head family is the Treble Underspin. When you want your soft plastic swimbait to have a little more flash, the Treble Underspin will be your go-to line through jig head. Whether you are wanting to imitate more bait fish or if you are fishing in stained / muddy water, tie on a Treble Underspin and start catching ‘em. The unique design allows you to run your line through the head and tie on your most trusted treble hook. The built in screw lock provides an easy, secure, way to rig your soft plastic. Simply embed your treble hook into the top of the swimbait and start casting. Once you hook a fish, the treble hook will come loose from the swimbait, keeping your favorite swimbait intact and ready to use on the next cast. Pairs perfectly with our Divine Swimbaits, Whale Swimbaits and if you’re looking for a bigger profile, throw it on a Sweep.

Turn ANY Swimbait into a line-thru swimbait.